Ray Ferraro's SierraSil Story

Former star professional hockey player and Trail BC native, Ray Ferraro, juggles parenting and travel as TSN's expert hockey analyst. We caught up with Ray about staying healthy through life and career changes.


Nature's Fare Market: Ray, what was the biggest challenge staying healthy following 18 seasons of elite pro hockey? Ray: We perform or train just about every day of the year as peak conditioning is front and centre. Then you hang up the skates with lingering pain and injuries and it's easy to let your body relax. So I committed to workout 4 times per week, to eating healthy, and to lowering my weight to maintain my waist size! NFM: How did you motivate yourself to stay fit and healthy? Ray: I give my wife Cammi credit. She helped me stay focused and we often work-out together. Also as a Dad with two younger boys, I need to keep up with them and set a good example. NFM: How many days does broadcasting keep you away from home? Ray: Last year I flew over 150,000 miles and stayed over 125 nights in a hotel. But I enjoy the work and maintaining connections to the game. NFM: Do you have a 'go to' meal while on the road or a favourite at home? Ray: Well I love a good steak, but usually I'll order a salad with protein. At home we like to eat a lot of salmon or barbecue meats in summer. NFM: What about supplements? Ray: I take what Cammi recommends, usually omega3, and in winter Vitamin D3! I also take SierraSil Joint Formula 14. It's helped me overcome old hockey injuries. Sometimes as we get older we start to accept what we can't do anymore, but for me, SierraSil changes that, so I can still enjoy working out or golfing and not have next day soreness. Oh, and their Pain Relief spray, don't play golf without it! NFM: Thank you Ray, enjoy your summer!
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