Our Vision

SierraSil Health was founded as Sierra Mountain Minerals Inc in 2003 to research and develop the "Mineral Miracle". The Mineral Miracle is a unique hydro-thermal mineral complex that was trade named SierraSil, reflecting the US Sierra-Nevada pristine source and the silicate mineral structure. Our vision is to help one million or more people live healthier and more active lives. That's our joy and why we love to hear from you, our customers or just folks interested in being healthier and more active and are curious about SierraSil. We are guided by a few principles. These include being ethical, being understated, valuing our business partners (vendors, advisers, distributors and authorized re-sellers), and embracing the challenge to help people be healthier and more active. We have no illusions of being perfect, these values represent a journey, and we welcome your feedback, not only when we have excelled, but also when we have disappointed. While we have extensive quality control and standard operating procedures to protect your safety and meet or exceed all regulatory requirements, we are still a small, but growing company. From our founding in 2003, sales have continued to grow. In 2008, we were honored as the fastest growing small health supplement company in North America by the Nutrition Business Journal. Thank you to all our customers! We are a private company, with about 25 shareholders who provided the capital to start-up our business (their business), including an ambitious research program that continues to the present. We hope you will take time to read about the research, which has been called by the President of an industry association as representing a "gold standard" for the health supplement industry. For additional information or questions about our Company, please direct them to Michael Bentley at info@sierrasil.com.