Sierra Mountain Minerals Inc (dba SierraSil Health) Trademark and Promotion Policy Dear Retailer, The integrity of the SierraSil brand, including trademark and promotional practices are of fundamental importance to the success of our brand in the very competitive natural health categories that our products are sold. As such, if at our sole discretion, we feel that if any use of our trademarks or if retailer promotional activities are inconsistent with our policies, we unilaterally reserve the right not to fill future orders or to instruct the same from our Distributors who at their discretion may or may not choose to comply. SierraSil® Health Inc, SierraSil Joint Formula14, SierraSil Pain Relief Topical Spray, SierraSil Joint Formula Active, SierraSil Leaps and Bounds, and associated logos and slogans including Enjoy Your Day Without the Pain, Health You Can Feel™, Healing By Nature™ and Mountain of Youth™are trademarks of Sierra Mountain Minerals (dba as SierraSil Health). Any use of these trademarks without written (email or letter) permission of SierraSil Health Inc are strictly prohibited. It is our policy to sell our products only to retailers that promote SierraSil within the law and free from offensive images or other connections that would offend reasonable people. Furthermore to protect the integrity our of products we unilaterally reserve the right not to sell to retailers that list and promote (including advertising online) SierraSil outside of plus or minus fifteen percent (+/- 15%) from the suggested retail prices (SRP), the "SRP Window". For clarity, retailers may sell SierraSil outside of the SRP Window, using pricing policies (margins) consistent with those generally applied to other products sold by the retailer. If however, we become aware that the retailer is selling SierraSil at margins materially inconsistent with those generally applied to other products that the retailer sells, SierraSil reserves the right to initiate a complaint and or unilaterally choose not to fill future orders. Michael Bentley, President SierraSil® Health Inc.