Our Stories

Our team is proud of the work they do at SierraSil. Each has her or his own story of what brought them to and keeps them at SierraSil. Click on the videos below to see our team member stories. Hi, I’m Michael Bentley, President of SierraSil. This is where I work so welcome to the office. I love what I do here. I work with great people. We have great partners in our business whom are very valued. Our vendors, contractors manufacturers, The distributors that we work with and all the reps, and the retailers that do a great job marketing SierraSil to their customers. I think what I enjoy most are the testimonials that we get from our customers. Those are a lot of fun to receive from people right across the country, right across the continent, and even across the world. We’ve got great clinical research, but their stories are the ones that touch your heart, make a difference, that make you go home wanting to work just that much harder the next day. I also love SierraSil personally, I take it every day and it makes a big difference for me when I exercise. I am just not sore, I can run further without my knees bothering me, and that’s important to me cause I can go out for a run on the weekend with my beautiful wife. Hi, I’m Nicholas sales manager here at SierraSil. I have worked for the company for several years now. I really enjoy my job and really enjoy making a difference in peoples lives. We’ve had some great testimonials and some great stories. SierraSil really can make a huge difference in peoples lives. I know that first hand. My mother was in a severe motorcycle accident and with in 14 days she saw some terrific results. Sometimes I think she calls me more to get more SierraSil than she calls me to see how I’m doing on the other side of the world. It’s a great company, great product! Hi my name is Maria and I am the Logistics Coordinator at SierraSil. I love the company, we have a great product. My Grandma is 72 and she lives in Russia, My Uncle is 55 and he lives in Canada. Both of them are saying that SierraSil is one of the best thing that has happened in their lives. And I believe them because we get testimonials from customers all over the world every single day. SierraSil is an amazing product and it does change peoples lives. So maybe it’s your turn to try it and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Thank you. Hi I’m Faith. I’m the controller for SierraSil and also in my spare time I’m the treasurer for Triathlon BC. Running and cycling have been my passion. Unfortunately for me about a year ago the discomfort in my right knee got so bad that I could hardly walk let alone run or ride because I couldn’t clip out of my pedals. 2013 was an awesome year for me. Not only did I land a job with one of the greatest companies that I ever worked for, SierraSil, but in my interview I was given a bottle of Joint Formula 14, which I tried. Within two weeks I was walking without discomfort.  Within a month I was running up to 5 kilometers. I am now up to 10 kilometers and it’s not my knees that are holding me back. Hi, I’m Nikola, General Accountant here at SierraSil. As an avid traveler and sports enthusiast, I live for the next adventure. Wether it’s hiking, climbing, skiing or running, having the ability to move on a daily basis is something I can’t imagine my life without. So working here at SierraSil with like minded individuals who strive to help other people and help them achieve or maintain their activity levels is very rewarding and inspiring to me. I believe in our product, the people behind it and I hope it can find its way to you and help you too. Please share your experience of SierraSil with us, we’d like to hear from you!