Giving Back

June 2015

Kili Climb For Kids in partnership with World Vision and Cheryl Bernard We’ve had an ambassador contract with Olympic silver medalist in curling Cheryl Bernard for the past 5 years now. She’s the type of person that so selflessly gives to all around her and makes the world a happier place through her presence, and when she decides to do something she does so with more passion than a high school cheer squad at the home opener! It’s probably also what made her such a great athlete. Cheryl embodies the SierraSil mission to help people live healthier and more active lives, made evident by this trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness for children living and working in dirty, dangerous and degrading jobs. So when World Vision approached us after Cheryl had agreed to be a celebrity Ambassador for them, we knew we had to get involved. Through the mutual brand power of World Visions and SierraSil along with the help of celebrities like Cheryl and others who were also on the climb (including Rick Campanelli and JD Scott), the mission raised close to $200,000 to help kids in Africa. SierraSil was grateful once again to be able to make an impact on the health and wellbeing of so many through this challenge. SierraSil is inherently connected to the mountains. Our products come from a mineral rich deposit in the Sierra Mountains, so given the opportunity to climb the highest mountain in Africa with the help of the SierraSil minerals was a challenge we couldn’t turn down. It was also a great reminder of the pristine beauty of the high alpine and the healing powers of mountains. Watch this short video of Cheryl Bernard and SierraSil’s Brand Manager Melanie Trepanier one day away from summiting talk about why they got involved.

February 2014

CKNW Orphan’s Fund News of the Four Children that directly benefited from the donations provided by SierraSil to the CKNW Orphans Fund came in today. Although we can not share those stories for reasons of protecting the privacy of the recipients, we are walking around a little taller today thankful for the opportunity to make a difference and give back. The Orphans Fund does a great job of selecting and providing life enhancing support to children of all ages. SierraSil is in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces by improving the quality of their lives, it just so happens, that’s what makes us smile too. Thank you CKNW for all your hard work in improving the lives of all the children you have touched over the years and allowing us to be a part of it. Got Your Back Network SierraSil Health is proud to donate to the Got Your Back Network.  This organization connects with military families who have lost a spouse or parent while serving in the US Military. Their goal is to give comfort, answer a special need, offer guidance and bring a brighter day. Kicking Cancer Canada SierraSil is proud to support Josh Collins' foundation, Kicking Cancer.  Josh lost his Father, Ron to cancer on April 8, 2009 and watched the toll that the disease also took on his Mother.  The Board of Directors of the Ron Collins Foundation oversees the evaluation and disbursement of the funds.  They also dedicate the funds to the province or city where it was raised.  The average family ends up over $50,000 in debt when someone they love is battling cancer.  This foundation was created to help ease that burden.

May 2012

Nourish America When SierraSil Health Inc was founded in 2003, it was with the mission of helping 1 Million or more people be healthier and more active. We know that this mission would not be accomplished simply by selling product to consumers, so we have developed educational material, wellness programs and offer charitable donations that are consistent with our mission whenever possible. While nearly all our sales are in Canada, our mineral deposit is located in the US and we believe in supporting American organizations as well and want to offer support where appropriate. The news of the Oklahoma Tornado that ravaged 16 counties in Oklahoma last Monday was a call that we could not ignore. Nourish America put out a notice requesting donations in the form of non perishable food items including health supplements for those in need. The donations also get distributed among the first responders and the emergency workers who could certainly be helped by SierraSil following long days of physically intensive relief work. We would like to thank our contact Mary Morton from the Nation Foundation of Women Legislatures for thinking of SierraSil and giving us the opportunity to give back. It is with great pride that we have sent a product donation  of $3,500 to support the relief work of Nourish America. We wish all those who suffered through the devastation and trauma a speedy recovery and offer our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Our efforts will not change what happened but hopefully provide some ease and strength to move forward.

October 26, 2012

SierraSil Sponsors The Joy of Aging 2012 Event at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital This event raised $40,000 for Mental Health Programs at the Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, helping them get closer to their goal of raising money for four new beds at $6,000 each and $40,000 worth of renovations to ensure comfort and safety for patients and staff of the hospital.  SierraSil also donated a 2-week supply of SierraSil to all attendees and was mentioned in detail by Erin Davis, an avid user and supporter of the product.