About SierraSil Health - Natural Joint Health and Mobility Products

Committed to helping 1 million or more people live healthier and more active lives Founded in 2003, SierraSil Health Inc. is committed to helping people realize improved health and freedom from joint and muscle discomfort. Our company seeks to be ethical and provide exceptional customer service, backing claims with clinical research, and satisfaction guarantees. The healing quality of SierraSil was discovered by a gold prospector in the Sierras and then developed under the stewardship of the Bentley family. Dr. Peter Bentley (LLD), Chairman found that the minerals alleviated his arthritic symptoms, enabling him to grip more easily. Michael Bentley, CEO and President of SierraSil Health Inc., acknowledged his skepticism until he tried the minerals for relief from his running related aching knees. The natural mineral complex of SierraSil has its origins in volcanic rock that was geothermally altered about 10 million years ago. The unique mineralogy can’t be recreated in a lab. SierraSil has been rigorously tested, including double blind, placebo-controlled trials for safety and efficacy. The clinical studies show that SierraSil consistently provides relief from chronic aches and stiffness, as well as cleansing the body of toxins. Watch recent news coverage about the impacts of SierraSil on joint health.

About SierraSil

SierraSil is a naturally occurring hydrothermal mineral complex from the Sierra Mountains. SierraSil has been clinically proven to help support a healthy inflammatory response, gently detoxify, and improve physical function. Based on extensive research with human clinical trials for both safety and efficacy, consistent positive results make SierraSil a reliable natural choice for proven joint discomfort relief. With two U.S. patents, SierraSil is shown to effectively support joint health and calm inflammation. Most people who use SierraSil feel noticeable improvements in joint discomfort and flexibility within 14 days. The minerals in SierraSil include calcium, potassium, sodium, aluminum, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese, barium, copper, cobalt, zinc, and other natural co-occurring trace elements. The minerals in SierraSil range from 23 mg to fractions of a mg in bio-availability and is therefore not recommended as a daily mineral source. The silicate structure of these minerals and their pH may be contributing to their health promoting effectiveness. SierraSil is vegetarian-, vegan-, and celiac-friendly and is suitable for most dietary needs, including those of athletes. To learn more about our commitment to quality control, watch these videos about how our Quality and Regulatory Manager, Caroline Eve, ensures that you get the best in quality control with SierraSil.
Read our FAQs for answers to your questions about SierraSil and our all-natural joint relief products. Contact our CEO and founder, Michael Bentley with any questions you have about SierraSil.

SierraSil Products

SierraSil Health Inc. products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee when purchased from the Company or an authorized retailer. The products include:
  • SierraSil Joint Formula14: backed by research to support joint, cartilage, and muscle function. SierraSil Joint Formula14 also supports gentle detoxification because of its clay mineral structure. SierraSil is a pure naturally occurring mineral with essential trace minerals including calcium, iron, silicon, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. Learn more about SierraSil Joint Formula14.
  • Joint Formula14 Powder: the convenience of SierraSil in powder form. Mix one level scoop once daily with water on an empty stomach one hour before or after a meal. SierraSil Joint Formula14 Plain Powder contains SierraSil, a pure mineral powder with essential minerals including calcium, iron, silicon, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. Learn more about SierraSil Joint Formula14 Plain Powder.
  • Pain Relief Topical Spray: a natural alternative for relief from minor aches and discomforts of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis strains, bruises, and sprains. SierraSil Pain Relief Topical Spray uses no binders or artificial ingredients, so it is quickly absorbed where the discomfort is. Learn more about SierraSil Pain Relief Topical Spray.
SierraSil Health Inc. has an all-natural joint health supplement specifically designed for dogs:
  • Leaps & Bounds Soft Chews For Dogs: a quality of life enhancing supplement for your dog. The main ingredient, SierraSil is backed by quality research and proven efficacy for people. SierraSil Leaps & Bounds Soft Dog Chews can be given to any dog displaying joint stiffness. The chicken flavor may not be appropriate for all dogs. Learn more about SierraSil Leaps & Bounds Soft Chews For Dogs.

Clinical Support for SierraSil

SierraSil has been subjected to a rigorous level of testing and analysis. From these extensive assessments, experts familiar with the research agree that SierraSil is safe, effective, and promotes joint health and function. Please read our Professional Reference Guide for full details on the mineral content of SierraSil. On our Clinical Support page, you can read the summaries of the clinical research and human trials into the efficacy of SierraSil. If you have any questions about any of these studies, contact SierraSil CEO Michael Bentley.

Meet the SierraSil Team

Each of us on the SierraSil team has a story of what brought us to the company and keeps us committed to the SierraSil vision. Michael Bentley, CEO and President I benefitted first-hand from the SierraSil mineral complex back in 2003 when attempting to train for a 10 km run. At 40 years of age, I had given up running a few years prior due to knee discomfort. Thanks to SierraSil, I’m able to run with my wife, exercise with minimal delayed onset soreness and strive to be my best! I’m super proud of what we’re doing here at SierraSil. It’s a great privilege to hear testimonials from customers who are getting a second chance at living a healthy and active life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any of your questions or with a testimonial of how SierraSil has improved your joint health and function. Nicholas McMonagle, Sales Manager Beyond the testimonials and conversations, I have with our customers, I’ve seen first-hand how SierraSil makes a huge difference in people’s lives. My mother was in a severe motorcycle accident and within 14 days of taking SierraSil, she saw some terrific results. I really enjoy my job and making a difference in people’s lives. Maria Krutous, Logistics Coordinator To say I love working at SierraSil, is not an exaggeration. I love the company and we have a great product. My grandmother and my father both tell me that SierraSil is one of the best things that has happened to their lives. SierraSil is a great product – maybe it’s your turn to try it. If you have any questions, call us toll free at 877-743-7720. Faith Wells, Controller Along with being the controller at SierraSil, I’m also the treasure of Triathlon BC. Running and cycling are a huge part of my life – but a few years ago the discomfort in my knee became so bad that I couldn’t run or ride my bike. And then in 2013 happened – I started working at SierraSil and discovered the healing powers of SierraSil Joint Formula14. Within two weeks of taking this all-natural supplement I was walking without discomfort and now I’m proud to tell you that I’m back to running, cycling, and living an active life. Nikola Racevova, General Accountant I’m an avid traveler and sports enthusiast who lives for hiking, climbing, skiing, and running. The ability to move freely and easily daily is critical to the quality of my life. And this is why I feel so fortunate to be part of the SierraSil team. It’s a pleasure to work with like-minded people who strive to help other people live healthy and more active lives.

The SierraSil Commitment

The SierraSil Health Inc. team is committed to our vision of helping one million or more people live healthier and more active lives. We are guided by a few key principles: being ethical, being understated, valuing our business partners (vendors, advisers, distributors, and authorized re-sellers), and embracing the challenge to help people be healthier and more active. We adhere to strict and extensive quality control and standard operating procedures to protect and ensure your safety. We meet and/or exceed all industry regulatory requirements. In 2019, Michael Bentley, SierraSil’s CEO and President was awarded the John Holtmann Leadership Award by the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). The John Holtmann Leadership Award was created in memory of John Holtmann and recognizes a leader and mentor within the natural healthy industry who demonstrates passion and commitment, serves as an inspiration for others, and has played a signification role within his/her company and the wider industry. In 2008 we were honored as the fastest growing small health supplement company in North America by the Nutrition Business Journal. SierraSil is a proud member of:
  • Canadian Health Food Association
  • Council for Responsible Nutrition
  • National Animal Supplement Council