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You aren't just what you eat ...But that's important too - BookSH |

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You aren't just what you eat ...But that's important too

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You aren't just what you eat ...But that's important too

Being your best is more than what you eat. In this ground breaking new book, nutritionist and author Sarah Holvik shares 4 simple steps to being your best and turning back the clock on inflammation and disease. Written for the health beginner with side bars for the expert, “You Aren’t Just What You Eat” is a must read book for even the most savvy health consumers and professionals. The choice of health is ours, and Sarah shares how to make this choice a reality in the midst of our demanding modern day landscape.

“What’s on offer here is the fulfillment of the promise. An excellent journey toward a greater understanding of how we can be in control of our own health. The knowledge contained in this book will not only stay with me for a life time, I know it will tremendously enhance the living of my life.” -Charles Adler, Canadian Broadcaster (Corus Radio)

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